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Jack! I JUST finished “Secret State”. Hands DOWN the best info I’ve found on exposing the real truth of how the strings are pulled in Washington, and how powerless our elected officials really are.

I have gone from afraid to empowered, I know what I need to do to fight back with what I know now…and I’m in your debt.

– Jason Clayton, Kansas City, MO

From: Jack Thomas

Re: Your Free Copy Of “Secret State, The Truth About Who is Running The Government In America And How You Can Stop It”

You Have No Idea Who Is REALLY Running The United States...

Were you one of the 138 million voters in 2016? Will you vote in 2020? Have you ever voted? There are millions of people out there, and you’re just one person with just one vote. Does that really make any difference?

In our democratic system everyone over the age of majority gets a vote. But one of the most misused words is “Democracy”.

In popular understanding this means that an institution, including a nation, is governed by a group, selected by the exercise of the free will of the members, expressed by an electoral process, and by a secret ballot. They in turn are expected to project the views of what their constituents are judged to favor.

It’s an elegant system on paper; all you have to do is cast your vote to let your voice be heard. BUT…

It's All A Lie - The Entire “Democratic” System That Exists Within The United States Today Is A Sham

It’s a mere sideshow that most Americans believe actually means something. Your vote is meaningless for one important reason – the person you vote for is powerless to do anything meaningful, utterly incapable of effecting any significant change. It doesn’t matter whether you vote Republican or Democrat; your candidate will not be able to change a thing. What I’m saying is that no matter if you vote Republican or Democrat is utterly irrelevant because…

The Person Who's Elected Can't Change Anything Significantly, Because The Secret State Won’t Let Them

The Government Is Now A Mutant Tumor That's Threatening To Destroy America, And Deep Within This Tumor Is The Secret State, What Could Be Called The Core Of The Disease...

Fake News! Fake Democracy!

The secret state manipulates congressional investigations by pretending to cooperate with document subpoenas. Those who are part of the secret state bury congressional committees in piles of paper ostensibly responsive to the investigation, and then brag to the media about the number of pages they have turned over.

In reality, many of those pages will either be fully redacted, duplicates of other pages, or irrelevant to the investigation. Misleading the public about the nature of documents sought either by Congress or through Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests is another art the secret state has perfected.

Agencies employ lawyers specifically to find reasons to withhold documents.”

How Can An Average American Such As You Possibly Stop The Secret State's Takeover Of Our American Liberties?

You Deserve To Know The Truth, And You Must Know How To Defend Yourself From Your Own Government And Those Who Really Control It

The more concerned citizens, like you and I, rise up to realize what is happening around us. Those who take these few simple steps, that anyone with this information can use, you’ll take control of your future, and that of your families. Uncover and report the truth and challenge possible fake news, the more aware the general public will be and the fewer opportunities the secret state players will have to influence elected officials, sway policies and quietly push their agenda. Simply being an agent for accountability can be enough to thwart the secret state – whatever form it may be taking.

So who am I and why should you listen to me?

My name is Jack Thomas, After serving different branches of our government, and working closely within a Government Agency (which I will leave unnamed). I’ve uncovered some of the truths that are just not that widely known.

I know guns and I know my rights. And nothing will ever get in the way of that.

Two months ago I began to share my knowledge with the public. Since then over 1,423 people have stood up to say YES! I want to show you exactly how you as an American citizen can take control back from the Secret State and bring this great country back to what the founding fathers originally intended it to be.

Today, and today only you can claim a copy of my newest book the “Secret State“. And you can get it for free…

1,423 people have already paid $37 each for their copy of my book, and they discovered things like:

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Please claim your free copy right now, as I can’t say if I will do a second printing.

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With the current state of the world, every bit of information and intelligence is invaluable. This book helped me realize how I can fight back.

Would love to connect with other like minded people in my area, but in the mean time I relish every bit of the fresh new content you send my way.


Dave K, Westerville, Ohio

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I am very impressed with the information presented in this book, it made me stop to think about what really is going in our country today. I look forward to learning more.

In all honesty, I recommended this book to everyone.

Thank you,

Jeff K., West Jordan, Utah

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